i died but it's ok i survived

uhhh where are we at!!! it's halfway through May already. wow. recent site updates: PLYM and Catalyst are now live, including Catalyst's long-delayed second half, and my lyric comic for Lost Boy is also up. Was (Un)spoken up when i last updated??? because that's there too. wow!!!

there have been some gallery updates too, so look out for those :-) i'm working on getting more original stuff up but rn LIT is eating all my brainspace. i'm writing/illustrating scenes that i've been waiting three years to canonise and it's EXCITING y'all. btw i went to see The Midnight who have been the soundtrack for LIT since the very start and they DID play Lost Boy and i'm stunned that i managed to hold it together for that song but every time i listen to them now i want to cry even more than i did before because that show was magical. i got all the casettes they had and i'm sad they didn't have a Kids one but i'll forgive them cuz the ones they did have were pretty

hit up brixton market while i was there and it ruled, 10/10, great place. i wanna take my friends there.

i am crawling back into my writing/editing hole now! until next time. remember u can follow me on twitter for more regular updates on art stuff. bonne nuit