COntENt? on MY WEbsITE?

it's more likely than you think

the first two instalments of Lost In Transit, But what if you did? and When you find what you need are up on the Transitverse page!!! originally posted in 2019, these have been revised for continuity errors, canon alignment and general quality improvements and have new soundtracks to go with them, now that i 1) have free reign to embed whatever i want into posts and 2) have had three years' worth of extra music to pull from, and WOW i have done a lot of thinking about what songs go with this series in that time.

other stuff: a gallery will be going up specifically for all my fic art (because there's tons of it and it would be a nightmare to include it in the main LIT gallery), holding off on part 2 of Catalyst until the rest of main series LIT is on here so i can link straight here and not have to go thru tumblr first. if u want to see art in the mean time i have not been drawing a ton lately (bc i have been editing and coding.........) but i post all of my stuff to Twitter first and foremost before it ends up anywhere else!!!